Matt Martian Phoenix Commercial Photographer

More Dirt Please

Motorcycles + dirt + friends = a damn good time. 

I took a trip to Soggy Dry Lake in California this past month with a group of friends. El Mirage Lake was the original destination but due rains it was closed. Technically, this was my first outdoor camping experience. I’ve car camped before, but it’s nothing like the real thing. It was a busy weekend at the lake bed, dirt bikes, sand rails, and off-road trucks were all ripping, including us on dual sports bikes. My good friend Thomas also brought his street bike. The idea of a street bike on dirt sounds pretty sketchy, but it worked out perfectly.

This trip included a pretty dynamic group of creatives. The ultimate bro trip! Photographers, videographers, architect, entrepreneurs and business owners all escaping the city and getting our weekend dose of adrenaline and dirt! Big shout out to all the guys for making this a fun experience. 

Past Few Days

A few years back I ran a blog on Tumblr; I shared all types of stuff there. It practically was a place you could go to see the evolution of my work. On that blog, I started doing this thing where I would upload a collection of images with the hashtag, pastfewdays. Usually, 3-4 photos, captured with my iPhone or whatever camera I had at the time the photo was taken. When it was time to publish a post, I would go through my images and select the ones I felt described what I’ve been up to since the last pastfewdays post.

It would be weeks or sometimes months before I would do one of these posts but I always made sure to do them. For me, it was a fun way of connecting with people, maybe realizing we all share common interests in everyday things. It also gave me the opportunity to reflect and served as a constant reminder to be more present in life. So, with all that said, when you see a post of images with the hashtag pastfewdays, this is the reason why. Cheers! 

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