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I’ve been spending more time behind the scenes than behind the camera over the past month. Assisting is one of those roles that gives you the opportunity to experience many different aspects of a production. Sure, it’s not the most glamours work, but the skills you gain are priceless. These same skills can be reciprocated into your own work. All in all, whichever route you take to improve your craft just be sure never to stop learning and growing. 


I’m not sure where to start here. I feel a need to explain a bit of backstory to this trip because of how meaningful it is.

My brother’s wedding is something my mother has been very excited about for awhile. As the day got closer, she talked about it even more. Also, during this time mom was battling cancer on and off. She was diagnosed during the early phases. After lots of chemotherapy and a breast removal, she was “cancer free”. A year later it returned, stage 4 with spreading to the bones.

But mom is a fighter. She used the wedding as the key motivation to get better, to be strong enough to walk with her son down the aisle and dance with him at the reception. She never did make it to the wedding. May 25, 2017, my mom lost her battle. She was my everything and as much as I miss her, I know she’s at peace. No pain, no stress, no worries. I love you mom.

This trip is the first time my family has been together since her funeral. I knew how important it was for her to be present. It was a beautiful ceremony but a very emotional one. I stuck around a few extra days after the wedding to spend time with my brother. We visited Niagra Falls with our families to cap off the trip! All in all, it was a great experience.   

AM Thoughts

Saturday Morning in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

The family is preparing for my brother’s wedding and I’m wrapping up a little work. Most times my work area is well organized with everything in its place, as I sit back to notice the clutter I also take a minute to reflect. I’m thankful for this very moment I’m present in. Grateful for how far I’ve come, my loving family, close friends, and every experience good or bad that’s helped shape me to be who I am and where I am right now.

P.S. I’ll be sharing images from this adventure soon….

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