Matt Martian Phoenix Commercial Photographer

Past Few Days

A few years back I ran a blog on Tumblr; I shared all types of stuff there. It practically was a place you could go to see the evolution of my work. On that blog, I started doing this thing where I would upload a collection of images with the hashtag, pastfewdays. Usually, 3-4 photos, captured with my iPhone or whatever camera I had at the time the photo was taken. When it was time to publish a post, I would go through my images and select the ones I felt described what I’ve been up to since the last pastfewdays post.

It would be weeks or sometimes months before I would do one of these posts but I always made sure to do them. For me, it was a fun way of connecting with people, maybe realizing we all share common interests in everyday things. It also gave me the opportunity to reflect and served as a constant reminder to be more present in life. So, with all that said, when you see a post of images with the hashtag pastfewdays, this is the reason why. Cheers! 

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